XCXP Operating L.P.

Enhancing Production through Knowledge and Technology

Ector County Field

Company Overview

XCXP Operating L.P.  and BVX  Operating Inc. (its subsidiary operating arm) are committed to:


· Maximize asset value by prudently managing producing properties while sharing risks and profitability with investing partners.

· Create value by applying sound proven production-reservoir engineering principals along with new operating technology.

· Exploit mature Permian Basin assets by stimulation, re-completion, secondary recovery, infield drilling while yielding superior financial results for our partners and stake holders.


XCXP Operating L.P. is a Texas limited partnership that was formed in September 2009. The General Partner – BVX  Operating Inc. - is a Texas Corporation  owned by  the Management Team.


XCXP Operating L.P. creates value by identifying potential acquisitions with production enhancement opportunities by using  modern screening techniques and will implement these opportunities at the field level by applying sound proven production /reservoir engineering principals along with new operating technology .


The Management Team has over eighty years combined experience working actively in the Oil & Gas industry. The unique skills of the team and its knowledge in Reservoir, Production, Facilities and Operations make  the XCXP Operating L.P. Management Team a superior mix of talent to operate successfully.


The XCXP Operating L.P. limited partners are  a very strong asset for the company as each and every one  is a seasoned Oil  & Gas  professional with vast experience in the Permian Basin . The well-built relationship between Management Team and Limited Partners allows an excellent combination of Operating and Advisory resources toward the common goal of maximizing Oil and Gas production from the working area.


The management team have experience in working with large datasets use to highlight potential by performing rapid field / asset evaluations. This is accomplished by applying modern screening techniques in order to identify  properties to be acquired where potential has not been previously recognized.  The management team utilizes a systematic deployment of new finding techniques and implementation using current technology to revitalize previously considered  marginal leases.

Andrews County Field