XCXP Operating L.P.

Enhancing Production through Knowledge and Technology

Our Process

Marketing Acquisition Strategy:


· Acquire properties on the public market through brokerage companies, auction companies, Texas University lease sales and others.

· Acquire acreage with consulting geologist and drill multiple pay prospects with an emphasis on the Devonian trend.

· Acquire small working interest in large fields and contract operate these fields for larger companies.

· Perform rapid asset evaluations by means of modern screening techniques in order to  highlight properties to be acquired where potential has not been previously identified. Acquire these properties by unsolicited offers.

· Acquire properties not on the public market, but through XCXP Operating L.P.  network of contacts that include landowners and service company contacts. 

· Acquire prospects by abandoned wells data searches and look at Re-entry opportunities.

· Acquire prospects by working with other independent operators in Midland and use creative farm out agreements.